Shimabuku : Land Art

13 April - 2 June 2024 Gallery





Reborn Art Festival

Ayukawa, Ishinomaki, Miyagi


Placing things upright.  

Placing the things lying down upright.  

Placing the trees and stones that lie on the beach upright.  


With the collaboration of many people, we will place many things in an upright position.  

We will also try to put our energy together to place huge driftwood in an upright position.  

Our actions should make something that lies in our hearts stand up in an upright position as well.




The White Road


Reborn Art Festival

Ayukawa, Ishinomaki, Miyagi


The white road passes through the trees and extends to the sky and the sea.

Mt. Kinka approaches, where you can see the waves, where the birds are playing.

A place to meet and discover nature again.




Necklace: Carrying Stones up the Mountain


Kunisaki Peninsula Culture Tourism Promotion Project

Mt. Gion, Kunisaki, Oita


The Kunisaki Peninsula, which protrudes into the sea like a parabolic antenna, 

has historically been a destination for a variety of cultures and objects arriving from all quarters. 

I thought of this as I carried stones from Okinawa and Setouchi across the sea, from Hokkaido, and used them to create a circle on top of the mountain: a necklace dedicated to Mt. Gion.

My hope is that as people come here, as people climb the mountain, the number of stones will grow and the necklace will flourish, becoming ever-living.




BED PEACE after 55 years



Soil from two distant places, each placed in the shape of a person. 

The meeting of soil and earth. The honeymoon of soil.


As I looked at them, I suddenly remembered the saying that people die and return to the soil. Maybe these two people of soil were really people.


I also realised that I had seen these two people somewhere sometime - John and Yoko at the Hilton Hotel, Amsterdam, 1969. 

The year I was born was right in the middle of the Vietnam War, but 55 years later, fighting is still going on in many parts of the world. 

BED PEACE after 55 years.




Snowman Honeymoon


Lake Towada, Aomori


Long since disused, hotels in the north country are still below freezing in winter, even in the rooms, when the snow piles up. 

Two snowmen in a suite overlooking a snowy lake. Honeymoon of the snowmen. 

The snowmen did not melt during the winter and continued to sleep there.