Opening the Door

Publisher: リトルモア.

ISBN: 978-4-89815-295-9

Dimensions: 210 × 280 mm

Pages: 120

Poetic, whimsical and warm-hearted, the work of Berlin-based Japanese artist Shimabuku is captured perfectly in 'Opening the Door' – an exhibition in book form. Working with installations, video, photography, drawing and writing, Shimabuku has travelled the world for 20 years, seeking inspiration in different ways of life and ways of communicating. Humane and humourous, Shimabuku's photography and texts here capture such joyous conceptual highlights as collective kite-flying in the Alps, rooftop communications with the Korean people using reflective fish, beginner's octopus hunting, and the unforgettable Swansea Jack Dog Swimming Competition. Seeing is believing.