Phoebe Unwin


Publisher: Silvana Editoriale.

ISBN: 9788836642656

Dimensions: 220 x 265mm

Pages: 92

English artist Phoebe Unwin (Cambridge, 1979) presents in this volume a series of new charcoal drawings and oil paintings.


The title evokes multiple connotations. Field refers to the landscape, but also to the backgrounds of color and the vision cut. It is a middle place, a traditional pictorial subject that allows the artist to oscillate between the figurative and the abstract, to investigate the formal qualities of painting.

The stratified and porous surface of the works and the blurred focus of the subjects generate a dynamism of vision within each painting and an intimate relationship between one work and the other. Unwin creates images suspended in an indeterminate time and space, a delicate alternation of horizons in which artistic, literary, cinematographic and personal influences are freely elaborated. The volume includes a critical text by Declan Long, an interview with the artist collected by Simone Menegoi and biographical apparatus.


Reggio Emilia, Collezione Maramotti, October 2018 - March 2019



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