Phoebe Unwin

A Short Walk from a Shout to a Whisper
Max Henry, 2008

Publisher: Milton Keynes Gallery.

ISBN: 978-0955344091

Dimensions: 280mm x 220mm

Pages: 48

This publication marks the first major solo exhibition of British painter, Phoebe Unwin at

Milton Keynes Gallery in 2007 and brings together a selection of her most recent work. Unwin’s paintings shift between figuration and abstraction, between the space of the page and the plane of the canvas.

Working incessantly in an A3 sketchbook, the artist creates a personal register of images and marks: observations of reality, constructs of memory or indirect references to particular places and events.

Individual pages and paintings are worked up simultaneously creating a visual dialogue; some apparent, some obscure as Unwin teases and collages images, shapes and forms from the format of the page and materials at hand in pastel, pencil and acrylic.

The world that the artist creates pivots on the contrast between explosive, colourful abstract paintings and a darker, often sinister psychological narrative.