Pilot Press

A Queer Anthology of Healing (2020)

Publisher: Pilot Press.

Dimensions: 210 × 150 mm

Pages: 94

‘Richard Porter’s Queer Anthology of Healing is a subtle, devastating mix of cuteness and embarrassment, beauty and confession, magic tricks and pain. The artworks and writings in this collection suggest that healing can be achieved through revelation, invocation, observation and disclosure. It’s a much-needed gift right now.’ -Chris Kraus

a queer anthology of healing
Clay AD
Harry Agius
Barney Ashton-Bullock
Dodie Bellamy
Jack Bigglestone
Nick Blackburn
Helen Cammock
Charity Coleman
Swithun Cooper
Paul Gabrielli
Evan Garza
Erica Gillingham
Daniel Givens
Pete Hammond
Benedict Hawkins
Georgie Henley
Lubaina Himid
Fanny Howe
Jasmine Johnson
G.B. Jones
Kevin Killian
Wayne Koestenbaum
Nic Lachance
Olivia Laing
Benedict Leader
Paul Lee
Mary Manning
Ben Miller
D. Mortimer
Monique Mouton
Annie Murrells
Chuck Nanney
David Nash
Isobel Neviazsky
Paul P.
Richard Porter
Peter Scalpello
Hyacinth Schuss
Ryan Skelton
Verity Spott
Edward Thomasson
Timothy Thornton
Declan Wiffen
Ian Wooldridge